About Us

MCE (Modern Classic Enterprises), LLC started as the vision of Co-CEOs Jason Robson and Mike Waclawski. Jason and Mike live the outdoor Jeep lifestyle, and live by the MCE brand. The MCE brand focuses on innovation and quality. We also dig playing -almost- as hard as we work. Based out of the Pacific Northwest, an area that is well known for it’s coffee, music, and home to many Alaskan fishing boats, there are also nearly endless areas to four-wheel and explore in the rugged Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges around us. Building and driving Jeeps that are capable and reliable to escape the city for four-wheeling adventure has been a way of life for Mike and Jason. Mike and Jason also continue to drive their Jeeps the 2,000 + mile round trip to Moab, UT every year. Lastly, but certainly not least, customer service and customer satisfaction are paramount to the MCE brand. We base our business the old fashion way, where a hand shake and word means everything to us.

Our fenders and flares were originally designed and produced out of necessity. Necessity to remain light weight, yet be able to take an occasional brushing up against a tree or rock. After almost a decade of fabricating, creating, and experimenting (including failures), Mike and Jason were able to hone in on the latest technology, producing the best material for the application. In 2009, MCE was formed and produced it’s first product for the public: a new front fender that was durable and light weight, and would not transfer pressure (from contacting a tree or rock) to the vehicle body.

Today, our product line has grown to cover front and rear applications for Jeeps from 1987 to 2018. Our Generation II fenders and flares are made of MCE-Spec TPO, a proprietary cutting edge material, from a new process which is only beginning to be implemented in the plastics industry. They are the most durable and technologically advanced fender on the market, with an industry-leading warranty to back it. Companies such as ARB, Currie Enterprises, Savvy Offroad, Monster Energy, Teraflex, 4 Wheeler Magazine, and more run MCE flares on their vehicles.