No Crack Warranty

Don’t be Caught with Other Fenders

Our MCE-SPEC TPO material is so durable yet flexible, we have an industry leading LIFETIME warranty to the original buyer against cracking. Temperature, weather, off-road, etc. does not affect this warranty. Afterall, we are 4×4 enthusiasts and originally began building fenders that don’t break for ourselves out of necessity. Jeep fenders built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts!

MCE Fenders Technical Features and FAQ
Are these fenders made in the USA?

Not just assembled in the US. MCE Fenders are produced using US sourced materials in an ISO9001 facility. We are committed to building our products in the US in order to maintain quality standards and continue to innovate as we develop new products.

How easy are MCE fenders to install?

On a JK 4 Fenders can be done by the end user in about 2 hours with common tools. Professional installers frequently comment our JK Fenders are the easiest on the market to install and look the best as well.